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Russias New Toys: Russian Armored Vehicle Wave

3 years 9 months ago #63715 by TankHunterCobra
I'm sure we all have heard the news about the T-14 Armata. Truth is Russia is bringing out a Shit Tone of new Armored Vehicles. They all seem to have a symbol on it that's a cool little red star that looks like the Texaco symbol with 3 long parallel strips around it. After a decade of Russia using older tanks, T-90A is not even a T-90, originally called the T-72BU as it is a glorified T-72/T-80. The BTR-90 looks a lot older & is just a heavy BTR-80 with a BMP-2 Turret shoved in there (at one point they did the same with a 100mm BMP-3 Turret). The BMPs & BMDs are ancient as hell & that's enough already. But 2015s Victory Day Parade had a bunch of New Russian Armored Vehicles, some, like the T-14 are brand new, & others like the Typhoon MRAPs have been developed since 2010.

Heres a good list of what they are bringing on:
T-14 Armata-Indeed a worthy opponent, Unmanned Turret with a 125mm Cannon, it looks kind of stealthy
T-15 Armata Heavy IFV-T-14 Chassis with a new universal Epoch Turret System, similar to the BMPT-72
Kurganets-25 APC-Tracked APC with a remote 12.2 KORD on it, It seems to have a Reactive Armor attached
Kurganets-25 IFV-BMD/BMP Replacement, with an Epoch Remote Turret Sytem, the turret looks cool as hell
Boomerang APC: Wheeled equivalent to the Kurganets APC, it has the same remote KORD System on it
Boomerang IFV: BTR-90 Replacement, with a Epoch Turret attached, front engine for better personel space
Ural Typhoon-U: New Ural truck, the only Typhoon to retain the old Ural truck look, I could see a BM-24
Kamaz Typoon-K MRAP: Weird truck you might remember from ArmA III, It looks rather unique
Kamaz Typhoon APC: The only Typhoon that seems more like an APC than an MRAP, it is also anphibias

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