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New World Cleaving Crude Iron Armaments Crafting Guide

1 month 1 week ago #81969 by jannick
Recently I was preoccupied with a simple task that prompted me to look for ways to make weapons from raw iron in the New World.

However, as with many of my previous searches, there was no answer.

The game is so new that I will have to find out for myself and then will do my part in reporting it to DiamondLobby readers.

If you're looking for a cleaving, rough iron weapon, don't worry - I found you in this guide.

What is a divisive, rough iron weapon?
In the New World, this item is listed as "used to break through the opponent's arsenal" which, frankly, sounds a bit mean. Still, it says everything that needs to be said, and I have no problem not giving further details - it's not long before dinner anyway.

Where can you make a weapon from raw iron?
To make this item, you'll need to find your own forge. Don't worry, there are plenty of them in the world of Aeternum.

I use the forge in Windsward, which is where I spend most of my time in the game right now.

If you can't find it, it looks something like this.

Blacksmiths in other countries should look similar, with a wood bunker over a hearth and an anvil on top of the wood.

You can usually find your own forge in the city center, near the trading post and other craft and technology stations such as the loom and tannery, as well as your faction leader.

If you can't find it, zoom in on the map and look for the anvil icon below

Right-click the icon to make a marker at the top of the screen.

What items do you need?
To make a crude iron weapon, you need four items.

Weaponsmithing work order
15 iron ores
10 green wood
25 rawhide

All of these things are readily available nearby.

The hardest problem to solve is where to find iron ore in the New World, but you can get all three from one place called Dankfur Hollow at Windsward.

The iron ore is mined, so you'll need a pickaxe, and you can get greenwood by cutting a small tree - you should get more than the 10 you need from one tree.

Raw hides are obtained by skinning animals such as wild boars and dangling wolves.

If you are on a very low level, a great tip for skinning animals in Dankfur Hollow is to follow another player who is also attacking so that you can share the burden of harm and health protection.

If you want to craft this item, you might already have the Armory Work Order.

How to make a weapon
Once you've acquired the above item, go to the forge and choose to make a raw iron weapon - since it's a recipe for a quest, it will likely be at the top (unless you just do that for fun) ... strange).

All you need to do is be at engineering level 0 - anyone can make it - so don't worry about how to improve your engineering skills as you can buy New World coins directly from NewWorldGolds

Click on "Craft" and voilĂ  - everything is done!
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