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How to make Simple Weapon Models (Like Flans WW2 guns)

3 years 4 months ago #78354 by nekomaster
Firstly, I'd like to mention I have basically no 3D modeling experience. I've only ever messed around a little in 3D Studio and Windows 10 3D Builder (Which thankfully can output .obj files)

I would like to make my own massive weapon pack, better then the last one I made and I'd like to make it 3D to make it compatible with attachments like scopes and grips. I would prefer to make it in a style similar to Flans Modern Weapon's and WW2 weapon's.

Most tutorials I've looked at only show how to make high quality detailed weapons when I want simple and blocky.

Though I don't have a lot of patience to be modeling things by editing values by hand. I'd much rather do things by mouse control like you do with 3D Studio or 3D Builder.

Is there an easy way to make models like I want or do I really have to go through the tedious effort of making models in Toolbox or Techne to make models for flans mod?

I guess I need to use those if I want to make Animated models as well (like the bolts/slides moving on guns)
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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #78372 by Sergeant
Yes, Flans plus allows you to use .objs files instead of java models, you can ask others about how to do it.
anyway, blocky models huh?

so three rifles here,

the bottom one: Origin model style, which only takes a few minutes to make(it's a few shapeboxes and boxes) it looks 'Minecraft' and it's simple.

the middle one: composite of shapeboxes, it took me about 10 minutes to make(mostly fine tuning the grip, a pistol grip is not my thing). Looks much more 'gun' instead of rectangles.

the upper one: lots of shapeboxes as the foregrip has been modified a lot, but it takes only 5minutes for me the modify it from the middle one. Simply a slightly improved version of the middle one.

you'll saw quite a difference here, but everybody has a different perspective.

for me, making detailed models are fun, damn fun.

okay I guess it's a bit offtopic, so here's a new blocky M16A2 I made in 20minutes

'blocky yet finger lickin' good'

these models won't take you lots of time to make(simply stack boxes into a shape of a gun),
but it takes effort.
An easy way doesn't exist, and Rome wasn't built overnight.
here're the M16A2s for ya if you are interested.

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