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Toolbox problems

2 years 5 months ago #78432 by [W4E]MrLoneWolf
I have problems with Toolbox, some days ago I build the Radeon RX460 that I bought a while ago into my PC so I could get higher FPS in games in generel. As i build in the GPU, uninstalled the old GPU treiber and softwares, Installing the new treiber and software I first tested by how much the FPS in my games got better, after testing the games I wanted to do a new model, I noticed that the textures glitched out by moveing the camera or if I would use pictures as helpframes it would let the boxes nearly completly dissaper, also Toolbox lags way more as before, I know that Toolbox starts to lag if you do way to many boxes but with my old GPU (NVIDIA Geforce GT 610) It only lagged a small amount. I already tried to open a new Toolbox model, restarting my PC, re-installing the treiber, re-installing Toolbox but it didn't helped. With my old GPU from NVIDIA I had no problems at all and now with the new GPU from AMD/Radeon I do. I can't give the new GPU back and I don't want to put in the old one back in because I wanted the new one to play games with much higher FPS.

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2 years 5 months ago #78434 by NullWire
Replied by NullWire on topic Toolbox problems
I ask.. WHAT THE F*CK?!
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2 years 5 months ago #78435 by TankHunterCobra
Replied by TankHunterCobra on topic Toolbox problems

[W4E]MrLoneWolf wrote:

I've always had shitty resolution with TB2, idk why but yeah I'd like to fix it as well.
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2 years 5 months ago #78441 by Manus
Replied by Manus on topic Toolbox problems
hmm.. i code the tb on a nvidia based system. so, currently i can't reproduce this type of error because i have no radeon card to test the driver.

maybe you can check the compactibility of your card to OpenGL and ways to make OpenGL faster
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