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Forge Gradle problems

2 years 1 month ago #78436 by Tonas1997
So, I'm guessing this might not be the appropriate place to ask for help on the subject, but since a lot of people here seem to be familiar with setting up Gradle, I thought about giving it a shot.

Basically, I can't set up the Forge Gradle environment on Eclipse. I followed the tutorial countless times, copied/pasted the Gradle folders my friend uses (which work on his computer), and even tried using multiple Eclipse/Forge versions, to no avail.

Everytime I try to load the Flan's Mod Eclipse workspace, I get a blue "Minecraft" project folder, and when I try opening it, I get a "missing .project file yadayadayada" error message, even though there IS such a file on the root Gradle folder - where, according to the tutorial, it's supposed to be.

Using Windows 10 and Eclipse Neon (also tried with Mars, which should have work as it did with my friend...)
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