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Feature Request: Modded Item Recipes

3 years 5 months ago #79123 by Ugh2460
If people are playing with Flans Mod, half the time they are playing with other ubiquitous mods, like TE, IC2, BC, etc. So, why aren't content packs allowed to use items from other mods (like Steel, Lead, Copper, Aluminum, Plastic, Fuel, etc.) for gun and vehicle components? It'll create a more realistic survival experience, one where you'll need mine the lead for your bullets and toss iron into a blast furnace to make actual steel for that M16.

ISSUE #1: Not Everyone Runs Modpacks:
If a content pack creator wants his pack to be available for those only running Flans, then he is free to use packs like SMP-Parts or his own component recipes. If he wants it to be set up for those running modpacks, I see no reason why he shouldn't be free to do that. My point is, if you think this idea has problems, then please tell me what's wrong with having more options on the table?

ISSUE #2: Item Recipe Overlaps:
Perhaps this issue could be solved by prioritizing recipes used by the mods: the Flans recipe won't be craftable if there is a modded item with the same recipe.

ISSUE #3: IC2 and TE have two different types of [insert metal here]:
Perhaps Ore Dictionary entries (ingotCopper vs. "IC2Item:ingot":2) can be used for these items. That's kind of why this was made.

What do you guys think of this idea?
(is this already a feature? at least in 1.7.10, AFIK, it isn't)
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3 years 5 months ago #79125 by GolddolphinSKB
This already exists, it's all in config <.<.
You have to find the items shortname, not sure how.
You yourself will have to edit the configs though, it is unlikely content authors would add a specific pack version for each recipes.
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3 years 5 months ago #79128 by Ugh2460
I tried using shortnames, item IDs, and everything I could think of for the IC2/TE/BC items, but nothing worked, that's kind of the point of this post. If someone could help me do this correctly, if this feature actually exists as you say it does (other threads in this forum say it doesn't), I'd be more than happy to put together my own content pack using these items.
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