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Editing addons

4 years 1 month ago #79292 by HonzaVinCZ
Editing addons was created by HonzaVinCZ
Hello. I just wanted to edit my downloaded package because I wanted to make it more realistic. So I went to the ZIP archive of the package and wanted to change bullet features.
There were size of explosion, penetration and more... But under "BreaksGlass" I didn't find anything about breaking blocks.

Is possible to add any specific features that are not set yet in configuration file? For example bullet speed or if explosion may break blocks? If possible please send me all possible features that can be set in bullet settings.

Thank you very much for replies.
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4 years 1 month ago #79293 by spicystreak2
Replied by spicystreak2 on topic Editing addons
Bulletspeed I am pretty sure you change in the gun config, but here is a list of all the config parameters to use:
Recently the website broke so I just used the wayback machine.
Another thing to note is that although almost everything has stayed the same, it is an old list.

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