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Waywardcraft Era I Pack - Help Needed!

4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #76247 by spicystreak2
I just tried making them transparent, whether flans mod plus or normal flans mod, it was just solid color

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“Tank beats Ghost! Tank beats Hunter! Tank beats everything!”
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4 years 2 months ago #76249 by Spencer09
hey, can u please add the stanley steamer from 1909???
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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #76250 by Mattrock607
I can certainly give it a go! It would be a great addition I think. Plus, it gives me an excuse to make a new car company, which I was thinking of doing. I might just name that new company "Spencer" since you came up with the car idea ;)

That sucks about the texture transparency. That's going to really suck the life out of the presidential limo I'm planning for era II. Maybe Orion or Prototype know some kind of trick for getting around semi-transparency?

Edit: I finished the Cochran Monarch before anyone else posted, so I'm just throwing the screenshots in here ;)

This is a limousine based on a couple of old Dusenbergs, mixed up together. It seats 6, carries 2 cargo, and if you open/ close the doors it will make the roof go up and down, turning this into a proper convertible. I want to include several of the same vehicle in one pack, so players can edit flags and personalize the limousines to their liking. The flags are only 5x5 pixels, so there's not a lot you can do with it, but that second car has the flag of my Waywardcraft country, Sireva on it, so eh, it works :P

It's primarily based on this...

But you can see I stole from a lot of the other Dusenberg models too, and kinda just crammed them all in there, lol.

That does it for the Cochrans. Tomorrow I want to get started on the Hanks 49 and its different versions (sedan, taxi, and police car). When I finish that I'm going to do three of the "Spencers," including the Steamer, some other car from 1920-1940, and then a Packard "woody" wagon from the late 1940's, which is why I was thinking about rolling with a new car company. Spencer suggesting the Steamer works out perfectly because it gives that new company an early vehicle, so it's lore-friendly for a broader company ;)

Any suggestions for a car from 1920-1940? Preferably one that you guys think is actually within my modeling abilities?
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4 years 2 months ago #76278 by Mattrock607
The Hanks cars are finally finished with the completion of the Hanks Model 49 and its different varieties. Yay!

The Hanks Model 49 sedan is based very, very loosely on a '48 Plymouth, a '47 Dodge, and a Hudson from that era (exact year unknown). The Model 49 comes in 15 different colors. It seats four and carries six item slots for cargo. Here are a few of the color varieties I felt like screengrabbing. Note that most of the colors are that pastel-like style. You can find cars from that era that weren't pastel, but it's not easy.

Here's the Hanks Model 49c Taxi Cab...

And last but certainly not least, the Hanks Model 49p Police Cruiser...

I only have a few more cars to do and all of the civilian vehicles are done. Tonight I'll start with the "Spencer" cars, named after Spencer from these forums because he asked for a 1909 Stanley Steamer car, and I'm going to add two others (one from the 30's and a 1940's Woody wagon) to that line. I'm also doing a 1930's Alfa Romeo 8C, a 40's pickup truck, and a 30's Mercedes Benz (I'm having a hard time coming up with a non-militaristic German car company name). Then I'm finally done with vehicles and can turn to small boats :D
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4 years 2 months ago #76280 by TheOrion
Exellent. I've also finally managed to get myself to continue the Slimline Raceplane(that's probably what i'm gonna nick it for now, High Speed Test aircraft, Slim MKII
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

MVP Ostwind
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4 years 2 months ago #76290 by Mattrock607
Those textures are so friggin' good. They're making the rest of this content pack look bad haha. I love the company name and the logo is amazing! I can't wait to fly that thing, it's probably going to be the second plane I fly lol, even before most of my own planes (except the Trimotor... that plane is the whole reason I started modeling ;) )

Here you go Spencer09... the Spencer Steamer. I think I did decently. The leaf springs were a proper headache but the rest of it was surprisingly easy. The beautiful thing about modeling those ancient cars (1890's through 1915-ish) is that they were all super boxy and nothing was rounded off... kinda like Minecraft :P

And here are the images I based it off of. There were a few other 1909 Stanley Steamers I found on Google, but this was the most popular model so hopefully you meant this one lol.

With better textures it would suck less, but like I said earlier, I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever. Modeling is like playing Minecraft for me, it's just slapping puzzle pieces together (pieces you get to shape yourself). Art? That's like a whole other thing :blink:
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