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Waywardcraft Era I Pack - Help Needed!

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4 years 2 weeks ago #76784 by berggeit
think task made a tutorial for it but you can always look at the cobra i guess. then try and error

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4 years 2 weeks ago #76790 by Mattrock607
I wasn't able to find his tutorial, but I'll play around with it tomorrow and try to get it functional. I have 10 planes ready as of now, though with a few glitches (helicopter blades being funky, the Poseidon going bonkers when you set it in the water, and the Number 1 Flyer crashing the whole game). Once I fix those issues and get the Emperors done I'll throw together the rough early alpha so folks can offer some feedback on the planes and their handling.

How does one actually go about packaging everything when it's all done? Like, how do I make the actual JAR that contains everything? I tried the "Publish packages as ZIP" thing in Toolbox, but it doesn't work in my main MC install. I haven't been able to find a tutorial on it either. The only one I could find -- a video by Manus -- was outdated and seemed to predate Eclipse.

When I'm done with all of this, I'm going to write a proper tutorial that pieces everything together from a dozen different threads and guides people through the whole process of creating a content pack, from start to finish. It's the least I can do for annoying you guys with a constant barrage of questions lol.
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4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 2 weeks ago #76792 by DerpiWolf
I'll leave a Manual Packaging guide post here.

- Locate the build.gradle file in the forge folder (This file contains the commands to compile the packages). You'll need to edit it using Notepad, Sublime text, eclipse or whatever you prefer.

- First, make a new 'task' and give it a name; then declare the directory of your folder that contains the model java files, the second line being your config package directory. The third and fourth are the name for your compiled .jar file.

- In task contentPacks(), add your task name to the end of the list.
- And finally in task outputJar(), exclude your task name at the end of the list.

If successful, your packages should appear in /build/libs (after compiling). I'll correct this post if I've missed a step.
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4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 2 weeks ago #76805 by Mattrock607
The build seems to be doing everything other than the com folder. I tried copying that folder out of the bin folder and into the pack too, but it's not working (I also tried removing everything other than the files willy showed in his video, so it's just com/flansmod/client/model/WaywardcraftCPE1 and nothing else, but that did nothing either). The planes are showing up in the inventory, but when I place one down, it's invisible. I can get onboard and fly around, but I can't actually see the plane itself. So confusing :/

This is only with the jar in my proper MC install. The planes are visible perfectly in the Toolbox/ Gradle/ Eclipse install of Minecraft.

It's actually not creating those com folders for any of the packs. The jars in build/lib are all doing the same thing; the packs contain all of the content other than the jar files. Is my install itself screwed up again? Or is there something I'm not doing properly?

Edit: Here's the download link so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Note to everyone, this doesn't work (as this post explains): www.dropbox.com/s/280n9x6s2wfvx12/Waywar...7.10-4.10.0.jar?dl=0
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4 years 2 weeks ago #76807 by Mattrock607
Yeah, the paths seem fine. Where do I create the folder if I do it manually? Do I add it directly to the build/libs jar, or do I put it in forge/eclipse/Flan/mypack, or someplace else?

I can see the .class files, but it's not working when I drop those into the jar. This is really confusing :/
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4 years 2 weeks ago #76810 by Mattrock607
Thanks to WillyJ helping over voice chat, I finally got the pack to work. Yay!

This is a VERY ROUGH early alpha. It only has a handful of planes and some of them don't work properly. DO NOT USE THIS on any map you care about, and definitely don't use it on a server. Please wait for the full version later. I'm not responsible if your MC files get corrupted, if your computer explodes, if your pets die, etc.

Download Link: www.dropbox.com/s/zwn3f28zirmwhts/Waywar...0-4.10.0%29.jar?dl=0

Included Aircraft (with some notes about each... please read the notes before attempting to use them!

  • Coleman Yellowtail (should work fine)
  • Henderly Number 1 Flyer (crashes as soon as you try to place it in the world, don't use!
  • Henderly Number 2 (works fine)
  • Henderly P1 Acrobat (works fine)
  • Henderly P2 Skipjack (works fine, but it's a seaplane and can only be set on water)
  • Henderly P3 Adventurer (tail doesn't land on the ground properly but it works otherwise
  • Henderly P4 Poseidon (sea plane. Goes totally nuts when you try to place it, so use with cautioun!
  • Henderly P5 Emperor (The Douglas DC-3. Works fine)
  • Henderly P5-Ca Emperor (cargo plane, works fine)
  • Henderly P5-Tr Emperor (troop transport version, works fine)
  • Henderly H1 Hummingbird (helicopter rotor is goofy but it works otherwise)
  • Henderly H2 SkyTransit (helicopter rotor issue, otherwise works fine)
  • Rockland MR-0 Sensational Flying Contraption (should work fine)
  • Rockland MR-5 Trimotor (works fine)

NOTE: There are no crafting recipes yet, so expect bugginess. You can't access repairs either. I'll fix this soon!

For now, I'm only uploading this so people can tell me what they think of how the planes handle, and to offer some insight into what I might do to make the textures better. I won't put out another alpha until all of the planes and cars are done, the parts are finished, and I'm basically just polishing things up. But folks asked for an early alpha, so here you go ;)
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