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Waywardcraft Era I Pack - Help Needed!

4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 2 weeks ago #76837 by VjsMc
By interchangeable i meant someone could modify configs for a pack, like modern war pack for example, and make those vehicles take these parts

Also recipes for items are quite easy here's an example (or maybe you were asking something else and i completely misinterpreted your question)
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Also I dont think there's a way to use BC fuel (or any other mod items) in flans mod. If there is, i also really want to know too. If flans mod ever gets forge fluid compatibility too, that'd be amazing.
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4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 2 weeks ago #76838 by Mattrock607
Argh, yeah, that really stinks. To not have liquid fuel and have to use the yucky coal recipe is unacceptable. Maybe I can mess with the recipe for my server at least with Loot++? I'll play around with it and see what can be done.

The recipes themselves are what's confusing. I don't understand why I is for IngotIron, and I don't know what list IngotIron is pulled from either. Every time I see recipes otherwise it would be minecraft:Iron_Ingot. I can't find a list for those parts.

You seem to know a lot more about this stuff than I do. Would it be too imposing to ask if you could make the parts pack, and call it "Waywardcraft Content Pack"? I'm still knee-deep in bugs for aircraft, and I haven't even started the vehicles yet. I can do the content pack stuff later if you don't want to. Also, here's a revised parts list if you do decide to make the parts pack, and you want it to be a little easier/ less time-consuming:

Simple Component (note: wood-based)
Complex Component (note: iron-based and should be super expensive, probably using other components if possible)
Hydraulic Component
Pneumatic Component
Electronic Component
Glass Component

Small Aircraft Engine
Large Aircraft Engine
Small Vehicle Engine
Large Vehicle Engine
Small Jet Engine
Large Jet Engine

Small Aircraft Wheel
Large Aircraft Wheel
Small Automobile Wheel
Large Automobile Wheel
Truck Wheel

Tiny Fuel (100 fuel)
Small Fuel (500 fuel)
Regular Fuel (1000 fuel)
Large Fuel (2000 fuel)
Huge Fuel (5000 fuel)
Super Fuel (8000 fuel)

I'm totally cool with people using any component of this pack however they see fit. They can edit the configs to take SMP parts, or use the new parts in other packs, or mess around with textures, or even manipulate the models themselves, and use everything in mod packs without asking for permission. I won't have any restrictions on this pack of any kind, apart from a request that all of us who put the work in get credit of course ;)

Progress update: All airplanes and helicopters are now in-game. I'm currently hunting down bugs. I want to get each plane and chopper working flawlessly before I move on to what I assume will be the easy part (doing the cars).

Also, I'm thinking about doing some special liveries, which are totally customizable by players of course. These will only be done for a few planes (the Emperors, the Trimotor, and the Cygnus... maybe the Poseidon too if I ever get it working properly).

For now, they'd be Sirevan Airways (for my server), Ender Air, Flying Pigs Intl., and something involving creepers. I figure that should give players some options, and they can edit the textures and configs to their hearts' content and make their own airlines if they want.
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4 years 2 weeks ago #76839 by spicystreak2
For recipes, you choose a letter to represent each item, so if I = ironingot,and the recipe is like this for example:
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]
, then the i or whatever letter you set it for stands for the ironignot in the recipe.
Also, the shortnames for the items can be found in minecraft's language file, sort of like how each content pack has one. Here is a list of all of them, straight from the language file: (WARNING: Extremly long list)
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

File Attachment:

“Tank beats Ghost! Tank beats Hunter! Tank beats everything!”
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4 years 2 weeks ago #76840 by Mattrock607
OH! I get it now. I never did much modding stuff (well, beyond using them or redoing configs) prior to all this, so I never even thought to look there. I appreciate it! It looks like VJ has already started making stuff for the parts pack (that, or it's the best example part I've seen anyone do hehe), but if he doesn't want to do it I'll make the configs. It should be easy with that list ;)

As for fuel, what would you guys think about an alternative recipe? If we can't use BC fuel we should do something more creative than using coal. Maybe like this (but not necessarily this):

Slimeball Water Slimeball
Redstone Slimeball Redstone
Water Empty Bucket Water

I'm just floating that. I really, really, really want BC fuel. I decided on that before I even decided on making planes and cars and stuff, lol.
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4 years 2 weeks ago #76843 by VjsMc
The thing is though, since I don't think flans mod recipes are advanced enough to make it so buckets remain in the grid if you craft with them. So that recipe would use 3 buckets which seems a little pricey for some fuel. And for me personally, although I definitely would prefer to use BC fuel I still don't mind using coal fuel that much, I just imagined it as some kind of coal dust fuel or something. Idk. If there is a way to properly keep buckets in the grid when used then that could make this work.

Also thank you spicy, that list is going to be very helpful for myself.
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4 years 2 weeks ago #76846 by Mattrock607

So, I thought about what Spicy was saying, about how to look in the language files to find the names of items that Flan's recognizes. It got me thinking... what if I found BC fuel like that? So I looked it up, and presto! It's "fuelBucket" in their language file. I went into Simple Parts, changed the coal line to fuelBucket, and... wait for it! ...

And it gets better!!!!

After I used the recipe, I got my Flan's fuel... and I also got my four empty buckets back :O

So yes, we can definitely use BC fuel in our pack. We should make it an alternative pack though, because some people don't use Buildcraft. Also, we need to work out how to do this economically (that example pictured was just fast and dirty; I don't know that four buckets of fuel should make 1000 Flan's fuel. Actually, if we think of each unit as 1 millibucket, we might want to do it like this:

1 fuel bucket = 10 Tiny Fuel (100 fuel each)
1 fuel bucket = 2 Small Fuel (500 fuel)
1 fuel bucket = 1 Regular Fuel (1000 fuel)
2 fuel buckets = 1 Large Fuel (2000 fuel)
5 fuel buckets = 1 Huge Fuel (5000 fuel)
8 fuel buckets = 1 Super Fuel (8000 fuel)

That's an incomplete list though of course. We'd need to add one other item. I'm not really sure what that should be though. We could keep it as 1 iron ingot, or maybe even make it something cheaper, like 1 oak plank or something, to offset the cost of BC fuel. What do you guys think?
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