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Video Tutorial 1 - Setup MCP

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Jedwards98YT replied the topic:

this tutorial doesnt work guys come on now mcp doesnt work watch gradle tutorial setup thats th enew system

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destroid75 replied the topic:

can someone direct me to where i could get the flan's modelling helper?

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kololz replied the topic:

I suggest you to use gradle instead.
This is outdated for long.

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Prototype replied the topic:

Oh god I remember that thing. Modelling helper hasn't been around since 1.5. Good thing too, it absolutely sucked.

You should use this tutorial instead, it explains the process for what we use now:

Just note that if you are setting up for 1.7.10, you need to type setupDevWorkspace rather than setupDecompWorkspace.

If that doesn't work for 1.7.10, do setupDecompWorkspace then setupDevWorkspace.

It'll make more sense when you read the tutorial

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Manus replied the topic:

can the model be tested in normal modded (flans) mine craft though?


Sorry to say.. but only NOOBS comment 1.5 years old statements on topics dead for 6 month...

So.. before calling someone a noob you should have a look at the topic and maybe you will notice its a tutorial topic. A topic for asking this type of questions ^^

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