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Size of Steve

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Manus created the topic: Size of Steve

Because of many question about the topic "How large have my Car / Plane to be" here a small tutoiral about our Steve.

For the testing i build this small frame here. The lower plattform is at a height of 0, the space between both platforms are 25 techne blocks. Say hello to Steve.

If we place Steve at the point 0 0 0, he will sit this way. theoretically he should sit on the lower plattform, but no, he is sitting inside the plattform.

So, if we raise the position by 7 to 0 7 0 Steve is placed well. Overall Steve needs 25 block in height from head to boots while sitting.

Backwards he requires 2 blocks of space for his back and another 2 blocks for the head.

In Front he requires 11 Blocks to the tips of the boots

So overall Steve requires a block of 25 techne blocks in height, 16 techne blocks width and 15 techne blocks in depth to be placed without any of his parts are visible through vehicle parts

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berggeit replied the topic:

nice made manus

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Prototype replied the topic:

Another way to see steves height, is to use the bipedal template in Techne, that Is what I use when makin a cockpit, if I can fit Steve in when he is standing up, he will easily fit in when sitting down, provided he has plenty of legroom.

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Pachonsito replied the topic:

yeah! thanks manus

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Yunuscracke replied the topic:

actually there is just ONE reason i dont like this.
actually you can just rarely see the legs when you drive and you dont need to see them
and i just dont like a little bit cause some guys make their models awful because of the HIGH roof

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Pachonsito replied the topic:

then yunuscracked. you like poker more models, small, low ceiling and your legs are on the ground?

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