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Revamping Tutorials

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TheWillyJ created the topic: Revamping Tutorials

In the short time I have been here I have seen a ton of people who have trouble figuring out how to get started modeling. Although there is some information and tutorials out there they can be hard to find and most lack up to date information and some topics don't seem to be covered at all in any of the "official" information.

As a result of this I imagine a lot of talented and creative people who lack technical know how are turned away from contributing because it seems too difficult. It can also cause people to improve slower or make a lot of mistakes initially due to the lack of information on techniques and tricks.

I propose we as a community compile a list of topics that should have tutorials or information available/updated and work to have it available and/or updated.

I will be adding in stuff here which I am able to do myself over time, but I am new myself so I do hope some others can contribute on their areas of expertise. Once a good amount of topics have been covered I or perhaps a Forum Admin could create a new clean thread with just the relevant information.

The first thing I am going to work on myself is an updated video walk-through of all initial setup including manual gradle setup and basic exporting.

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VjsMc replied the topic: Revamping Tutorials

I agree, if someone were to make a thread/video series/something else that goes through the basics, animations, texturing, etc. that would be really helpful to people (like myself). Also, if people can learn to model for themselves there might not be as much people pestering others to make models for them.

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DMP_050603 replied the topic: Revamping Tutorials

How i code the berggeit vehicle already made how do help me please i am new on this things and i don't know

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Mattrock607 replied the topic: Revamping Tutorials

I'm in the process of writing a lengthy, well-written, highly-detailed beginner's guide for Toolbox, outlining every facet of the app from top to bottom, and amending it as I go. I'm going to publish it around the same time I finish the Era I pack, probably in a couple of weeks. Several portions are already done, but I don't want to publish it yet until I'm 100% sure I know what I'm talking about, but it'll be up on the Waywardcraft site relatively soon ;)

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