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How to use the Discord Auto Texture Bot

4 years 11 months ago #78557 by GolddolphinSKB
This Bot will ONLY work with Vehicles using a normal Java file export from TB (Until I bother to add support for other things)

This bot is named "Gold's Creepy Test Bot" and lurks in the SMP discord, Private Messages and Fexcraft Discord.

To use the bot:
Upload the java file in bot chat, or in a private message, and type in the comment using the format:
!at TextureSizeX TextureSizeY PackName


!at is the command,
1024 Is the TextureSizeX
1024 Is the TextureSizeY
gold is the package name.

The bot will then send you a link to download the auto-textured file.

Due to the way the bot is coded we have to cache the file on our machine. We will not use the file without your permission.

The bot will be online only when my computer is on, as it is hosted directly on my computer.

Any donation of hosting will be greatly appreciated to run this 24/7.

If you enter the details and it does not return you a file, send me a message.

-Thanks, GolddolphinSKB
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