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4 years 3 months ago #80181 by GolddolphinSKB
Good day y'all,

I've been working on a little project for the past ~6 months or so, going through multiple changes and problems.

Here's the basic principles:
- Toolbox is windows only, So mac, Linux, even mobile users cannot use it.
- Toolbox doesn't fit conveniently with WINE wrappers for use on Mac and Linux
- Toolbox has many known bugs.
- I was bored, needing something to occupy me...

This tool will be able to:
- Import .mtb files from Toolbox, render with and without texture
- The ability to edit existing models, or create new ones
- (Possibly, this seems unlikely) make a basic package manager to make the life of modellers a bit easier.

Here is a preview of the rendering abilities of my page:
- js3dtrousers.x10host.com/3d/

Steps to use the site:
- Obtain a .java model from exporting from toolbox, currently only supports non Large model fix export.
- Open the website
- Select the "Choose File" button, and select your .java model
- Use the mouse to navigate around the model.

Please report any bugs to me, so I can improve this in the future.

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4 years 3 months ago #80205 by BeauRecon
Nice idea, toolbox has indead a lot of bugs. I hope this will work better, My boats vehicle gun models are glitchy in toolbox, maybe not in here!
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