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1.7.10 - Ak's Vehicle Content Packs 3.1

5 years 3 months ago #45843 by ShockwavedoesMC
Hey i put this pack in one of my modpacks with the same mods that BDouble0100 uses in his flyboys series, in which he uses your pack, but when I place one of your vehicle, I crash. Do i need the Flans part pack? The version of flans i use is version 4.3.0, is the okay with this?
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5 years 3 months ago #45848 by ShockwavedoesMC
Im sorry, i meant Flans version 4.8.0
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5 years 3 months ago #46228 by MegaFish009
why didn't you make a version for 1.7.2
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5 years 3 months ago #46275 by Ak_Jumper_942
@Stalin & Orion: Hmm... Interesting that you can, though I have a feeling turning this thing into a Tank model may be more difficult then making a tank itself :p

@Berggeit: XD Thanks?

@Poker: Haha, I remember trying to solve some of the puzzles as well. I was terrible at them! XD

@Shockwave: Yes, you need Flans Parts pack I believe, especially if you're planning to use them in Survival Mode :P

@Mega: Because I was busy with school and work for several months, and when I came back, people had already passed it and everyone was using 1.7.10 by then, so I skipped it when I updated it. Sucks that it doesn't work with 1.7.2 though, I heard 1.7 stuff was forwards and backwards compatible through .2 and .10. Sorry :c

Hey guys! As you've probably guessed, I've been once again busy with real life, and other things :p I've been working on a major addition to my content pack though, Winter 'Camo' to be exact! ETA: Whenever I have the time to finish it, which could be a week from now or a month! ^^;;

I've also been researching vehicles to try and find the best car to use for a 30's German taxi (I'm thinking a Wanderer W22) and Refs for a fire truck and Police Car of the time, though from what I've found it seems they much favored using either the Army or political police forces instead of normal Police at that time. Correct me if wrong!

Other projects I have semi-completed (full refs and measurements collected) are a Radio Communication and Ambulance variant of the Opel Blitz, as well as plans for the Sd.Kfz. 7 and all the variants needed such as the normal and armored ones, mobile Flak Guns and the V-2 Launch Control Vehicle :p

One last thing: Survival! I need feedback and information on how thease things work in a survival setting; too fast? Not enough Fuel? Weird Recipe's? Something Broken? Let me know and I'll fix it all! :D

That's all for now guys, happy modeling! :)
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5 years 3 months ago #46421 by MineBen
Add please the german karl gerät. Thanks
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5 years 2 months ago #48309 by Ak_Jumper_942
-saves topic from death-
I'll think about it, but I usually leave the tanks to manus and the other guys; I generally try to focus on transport and utility vehicles, to spruce up the battlefields that their marvelous models create :p

Anyways, mind as well provide some news! I'm going to be away from my Desktop for a while, but I may be able to work on skins on a laptop I have while I temporarily return home for the holidays; I guess it would be fitting if I released the winter-camo variants of vehicles this time of year, after all :p
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