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[1.5.2] Poker's Garage 2.0

7 years 3 months ago #21631 by PokerMorda
I just saw that there is really not much threads about packs with models. So, here we go!

Poker's Garage 2.0

Meet new version of Poker's Garage, with new, better vehicles! Nearly 20 new cars in lot of color versions! Choose your car, and explore your car, with new possibilities! Passenger seats, more real driving setup... Even bikes from PG 1.0 are back! In other words, it's like old good Poker's Garage 1.0, but better than anytime!

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1920&height=1018]{e_FILE}public/1388788107_1585_FT0_2013-10-27_14.20.57.png[/img]</div>


Cars that you gonna drive, are very detailed, with really good textures. You can see many details, like better exteriors and even better interiors! Also, now cars are bigger. Much bigger. And bigger - is better!

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=962]{e_FILE}public/1388788196_1585_FT0_2013-08-16_13.04.10.png[/img]</div>

Things you need

This is list of things you gonna need to use my pack:
1. Minecraft 1.5.2
2. Flans Mod 2.3.1
3. Simple Parts Pack
4. Minecraft-SMP Parts Pack


Here is link to download! Go there, and have fun!


<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=962]{e_FILE}public/1388788684_1585_FT0_2013-12-21_19.51.56_2.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=962]{e_FILE}public/1388788684_1585_FT0_2013-09-20_17.27.05.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=962]{e_FILE}public/1388788684_1585_FT0_2013-10-03_19.46.28.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=962]{e_FILE}public/1388788684_1585_FT0_2013-10-12_23.16.34.png[/img]</div>

Important Note

Many people can ask, what happened to "Poker's Garage Advanced". I'll write it here, for official - It won't be released for 1.4.7 because I updated it for 1.5.2 and released as - as you can see - "Poker's Garage 2.0"


* Opel Cascada have old buggy wheels from 1.0 on 1.4.7
* Lamborghini Sesto Elemento have little Invisible Wall Bug

If you will find more, let me know!

Have Fun!
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7 years 3 months ago #21610 by FabulousMisLuna
not 1.7.2 >:( >:( >.(11¬°-!!!!!!
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