• 27.07.2015 Manus 282 10

    Page Transferred

    So, here we are again.
    What happened?

    The site was down because i underestimated the speed of the German internet hosters. I ordered a new Web server which is hopefully faster and more stable. I expected the provider to take a few days to fulfill my request…

  • 24.07.2015 Manus 444 7

    Global Firestorm Beta Release v2: Black Thunder

    After a few things I decided to fix a lotta things that i had wrong, i Finally got the CROWS Guns to work, i had incorrect offsets & incorrect vehicle gun setups. Here i added a few more things. Contents: M1114 Humvee LAV-25 LAV-AD M1128 Stryker-MGS M1A2…

  • 24.07.2015 16:34

    New Page

    Manus 124 6

    If the final tests of data transfer are ok, then i'll close down this site here this…

  • 24.07.2015 16:10

    Greylight Update 1.4.1

    Prototype 254 3

    And so it has arrived, this time on a deadline. This update fills in what I've missed…

  • Default Image
    24.07.2015 16:10

    1.8 Hype train

    Prototype 159 5

    From Flan's facebook page:

    Over the next week, I'll be posting at least one video per…

  • 23.07.2015 23:22

    Global Firestorm Beta Release v1: Armored Shield

    TaskForce51 100 6

    Here's what i call a test release of my pack, it contains only a few models right now.…

  • 20.07.2015 00:41

    Titascorpack V3 [Classic Cars]

    Manus 180 12

    Hi the 3rd version of my car pack is now finished it is avaiable only in 1.7.10 my pack…

  • 15.07.2015 21:21

    New Page in the near future

    Manus 44 44

    Since the last server crash i noticed the page starts to act weird. Some labels are…

  • Default Image
    11.07.2015 19:59

    Flans mod: Apocalypse

    Prototype 103 72

    I've been working on a massive add-on for Flan's Mod and I've got a teaser trailer for…

  • 03.07.2015 20:43

    MINECON 2015 LONDON! Flan and TaskForce51!

    TaskForce51 58 35

    Hey everyone, great news after a lengthy conversation with MineCon reps I was able to get…

  • Default Image
    02.07.2015 18:58

    Page back online

    Manus 36 9

    Due to a Server crash of the web server and a follow on corruption of the database and…

  • 30.06.2015 03:24

    TaskForce51's Content Packs Release (1.8 & 1.7.10)

    TaskForce51 158 17

    Hey everyone I just want let you all know that I've just released all of my models on…

  • 28.06.2015 20:04

    1.8 Test Release

    Manus 85 16

    Flan posted today:

    "The 1.8 Test Release is out! Download and try out the mod before…

  • 28.06.2015 10:56

    1.8 Update

    Manus 51 11

    Flan posted:

    "After a long long wait, it looks like the 1.8 update for Flan's Mod is…

  • 23.06.2015 21:55


    Manus 80 29

    Flan posted today:

    "Since the Flan's Mod Official Server shut down a few months ago, a…

  • Default Image
    17.06.2015 19:56

    Toolbox and New Renederer

    Manus 60 3

    Hotfix only.


    • Fixed the Load Error

    Known issues:

    • Child parts of…
  • Default Image
    15.06.2015 18:00


    Manus 54 6

    Hotfix only.


    • Fixed the Export Error

    Known issues:

    - Child parts of…

  • 15.06.2015 16:42


    Manus 86 10

    The next release with fixes and new additions.


    • - The Toolbox is now…
  • 11.06.2015 07:29

    Rainfire5's Arsenal: Offical Release

    Manus 94 7

    Ive made many changes to the pack since it was in beta along with changing and removing…

  • 05.06.2015 22:41

    Cloneguy's pack v.1.0 release

    TaskForce51 104 12

    My pack is finally ready for download! It adds 10 new vehicles as well as 5 new weapons…

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