• 12.10.2015 TaskForce51 102

    Machetemen Content Pack 1.0

    Hey guys, Machetemen Content Pack 1.0 is finally out! It contains 65 weapons, ranging from anti-material rifles to fire axes. We also added a grip attachment and several new paint jobs. Currently,…
  • 24.09.2015 Manus 619 5

    Update of the Tutorial Section

    Currently i work on new tutorials to make the modelling easier and to make the live of the older modelers more comfortable. Giving the same answer on and on is annoying.

    So, here is the first batch of…
  • 12.09.2015 22:11

    Fleet Pack first release is complete.

    Stalin/LabJac 1867 2

    Fleet Pack first release is complete.

    Kongo class
    Hashidate class
    Yamato class

  • 11.09.2015 05:34

    Mod News

    Manus 1372 12

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. You may have noticed a certain something was left out in our…

  • 05.09.2015 12:50

    Packages and Toolbox release

    Manus 1276 9

    Today i was able finally to finish the work on many stuff. So here is the next batch of…

  • 30.08.2015 14:37


    Manus 2085 12

    Flan posted today:


    "Hello all, I've got something for you that you may enjoy laughing This is…

  • 30.08.2015 12:50


    Manus 303

    Service release to fix some bugs and add a debug feature for better error finding.

  • 29.08.2015 17:56

    Patreon Relaunch

    Manus 1042

    Flan posted today:


    "I'm relaunching my Patreon page, and I'm taking on a couple of…

  • 09.08.2015 12:50


    Manus 921 8

    After a long time working on other stuff, like this page here, i decided now to release a…

  • 03.08.2015 18:33

    Flan 5.0 released

    Manus 2182 15

    Flan's Mod 5.0 and Flan's Mod: Apocalypse 1.0 are RELEASED!

    You can get them both from…

  • 02.08.2015 19:39

    Uploads / Downloads

    Manus 1378 2

    Since a few day the new Page is in place. And with the new page a lot of new features is…

  • 27.07.2015 17:24

    Page Transferred

    Manus 930 12

    So, here we are again.
    What happened?

    The site was down because i underestimated the…

  • 24.07.2015 21:28

    Global Firestorm Beta Release v2: Black Thunder

    Manus 2025 8

    After a few things I decided to fix a lotta things that i had wrong, i Finally got the…

  • 24.07.2015 16:34

    New Page

    Manus 704 6

    If the final tests of data transfer are ok, then i'll close down this site here this…

  • 24.07.2015 16:10

    Greylight Update 1.4.1

    Prototype 1308 4

    And so it has arrived, this time on a deadline. This update fills in what I've missed…

  • Default Image
    24.07.2015 16:10

    1.8 Hype train

    Prototype 734 6

    From Flan's facebook page:

    Over the next week, I'll be posting at least one video per…

  • 23.07.2015 23:22

    Global Firestorm Beta Release v1: Armored Shield

    TaskForce51 726 6

    Here's what i call a test release of my pack, it contains only a few models right now.…

  • 20.07.2015 00:41

    Titascorpack V3 [Classic Cars]

    Manus 1997 14

    Hi the 3rd version of my car pack is now finished it is avaiable only in 1.7.10 my pack…

  • 15.07.2015 21:21

    New Page in the near future

    Manus 510 44

    Since the last server crash i noticed the page starts to act weird. Some labels are…

  • Default Image
    11.07.2015 19:59

    Flans mod: Apocalypse

    Prototype 1023 72

    I've been working on a massive add-on for Flan's Mod and I've got a teaser trailer for…

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