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26 Apr : 00:24

25 Apr : 23:58
A nu cheeki breeki iv damke
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25 Apr : 23:54
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Cheeki Breeki

25 Apr : 22:51
well, i build my i techne, so is nearly useless by now

25 Apr : 20:31

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WW2 and parts Package Updates
Sometimes wonders happens After long time of no release, here a update for my WW2 package and for the SMP Parts Package. The WW2 might have some issues, if you notice some, report them to me.

Minecraft-SMP Parts Package
- Fixed some recipe bugs


WW2 Package
- Redone Messerschmidt Me 262 (2 Color Schemes)

- Redone Messerschmidt Bf 109 (3 Color Schemes)

- Added P-51 Mustang (3 Color Schemes)

- Added Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (3 Color Schemes)

- Added Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (4 Color Schemes)

- Added New Bomb Model for B-17

Posted by Manus on Saturday 18 April 2015 - 01:07:06 | Read/Post Comment: 21
The Weekly release with some smaller fixes and some additions.

- Some smaller changes and fixes
- Fixed some export bugs in the Flan Java Export
- Added a alternative Menu for those who have problems seeing the normal top menu. This can be activated in the option menu
- Changed the Pick Color from Bitmap, the loaded bitmap will now saved when window is closed

Known issues:
- Child parts of Tabula import are still not complete working
- Turret and Barrel Parts still jump when center on part is active and they are clicked

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all. Keep in mind, the Toolbox has now around 80.000 line of code...


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Saturday 18 April 2015 - 00:56:26 | Read/Post Comment: 1
Oskar's Pack 1.5 is out
Hello folks.
Here's the new package update!

With this update you can get your hands on luxurious mid-premium Alfa Romeo 159, speed-breaking Bugatti Veyron, one of best hot hatches presented in this year, Ford Focus RS and a classical muscle car, Pontiac Firebird! Yes, the Firebird is coming back!

However with this update you can experience less bugs (really). My package is almost bug-less (because I know you'll find something ^^). Today I want also, with opportunity of 2 year anniversary of my modelling career, to thank Spino and PokerMorda, without you guys this anniversary and package wouldn't be possible.


Installation (I guess you have installed Forge and Flan's Mod?)
- Unpack archive
- Put the "Oskar's Pack 1.7.10" into "Flan" folder
- Have fun!

My package requires Flan's Mod (of course!), Flan's Simple Parts Package and use newest Minecraft-SMP Parts Package (however I recommend 1.7.10d; this package is meant to be used on creative mode only for now, I don't know what would happen with try to craft them).

Download: Posted Link

I want also to thank Pirr for his beautiful Pontiac icon and titascorprod for motivation.

Oskiinus (or Oskar, whatever ;p)
[Submitted by Oskiinus]
Posted by Manus on Friday 10 April 2015 - 19:04:15 | Read/Post Comment: 4
Flan's mod 4.10.0
Flan's Mod 4.10.0 is out, with a whole load of new WW2 tanks and a couple of other cool things like the Exoskeleton Armour in the Modern Weapons Pack.

Get it from my website : Posted Link

And check out the teaser : Posted Link

[Submitted by Prototype]
Posted by Prototype on Wednesday 08 April 2015 - 22:32:02 | Read/Post Comment: 27
Spino's Vehicles v4.1

Huge thanks to Poker for a huge help with this release. Without him, for SV 1.7.10 you would've probably had to wait until like, this summer. Or winter. Or 'til the first quarter of 2018. Who knows.

Anyway, the new cars are:

- Plymouth Superbird,
- Peugeot 908 HDi FAP (ikr)

Both finished in 2014 and both never released due to... let's say, "personal stuff". Of course, most of the old cars are still there, with some exceptions.
But hey, the chicken is back.

Here's the download link:

sowwy, guise ;-;
[Submitted by Spino]
Posted by Prototype on Tuesday 07 April 2015 - 00:05:10 | Read/Post Comment: 41
The Weekly release with some smaller fixes and some additions.

- Some smaller changes and fixes
- Fixed Back for Painting, now all 50 steps back can made
- Added a fill tool. This tool will work on the texture editor or the 3D window. Active the tool, click a part and the part will change the color to the active color. Transparency is also possible. Warning: If you have already painted on the part it will over painted
- Added Export Buttons to directly export wheels/hitboxes/guns/seats as text string to the clipboard to paste them into configs without the config tool (Which is a bit unpractical)
- Added option to replace the coords in the propeller text string by 0,0,0 to make the place stable

Known issues:
- Child parts of Tabula export are still not complete working
- Turret and Barrel Parts still jump when center on part is active and they are clicked

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all. Keep in mind, the Toolbox has now around 80.000 line of code...


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Monday 06 April 2015 - 18:38:40 | Read/Post Comment: 14
Flans mod Easter Teaser Trailer
Hey guys, ww2destroyer / war_monger here! Today I posted a video pertaining to the movie "Fury." Me and a few of my friends from the SMP, and some not. Helped me recreate a famous scene from this movie. Hope you enjoy it! It took a lot of effort to make.

The newest version of Flan's mod Official may be out Wednesday.

[Submitted by war_monger]
Posted by Manus on Sunday 05 April 2015 - 22:10:47 | Read/Post Comment: 17
Daily Soap - Part 3
Last period we saw how the evil Croc was threatened Banhammer with dead by the GRU. We he succeed? Will he win? Will the Sun explode?

See more in the exciting episode of

Croc vs. Banhammer

"just stfu and all will be fine"

"hmm... i should explain something to you. You can't start a fight and then, when it's processing not in you way, stop it ^^

This will stop when you send a apology to the community. Why? Simple. I post all you mails 1:1 as news on the community site to show the users how grown up yu are. So, your username is burned now, and to save at least the samlles amount of honor you should send them a sorry.
Btw. even guys like XXXXXX have read this topics... everyone in mc modelling does...

"I will not apologise i am not stupid and i got the wrong email as my backup so I live in Austria Vieana not capetown whereever the fuck that is no opology i found a better modeling tool than toolbox and i will use it combined whith a mod yet to replace flans more like mcheli but jesus ban me for hating an evil country what kind of idiot are you"

"Sure you live in austria... thats why your ips are located in cape town... cause cape town is located in austria..."

"insulting people in public is very rude I could call the google website people and have smp removed "

"Cool... maybe we will see how google will react to your call when they see that you threaten to attack my page... and when they see that you threaten me with the russian GRU to kill me ^^


"it is called Uruguay ^^ "



cant put all this in public[/i]"

"now stfu"

"oh and hacking gmail is rude i can report you"

"hmm... sure, report me... i will tell you a little fairy tail meanwhile...

once upon a time there was a LtCdr which severed in a navy far far away from south africa. It was a peaceful live and in his spare time he ran a small website for his amusement to help people with modelling.

Then suddenly he was attacked by a evil Croc who threatened him to send the Russian GRU at him to bring him down.

Our good LtCrd was shocked to hear this, but surprise... The good LtCdr was not alone in the evil world and he had lots of friends all over the world cause the was serving his country well.

So, he called a friend, which he know for a long time. and this honorable sir told our good LtCdr "Yea shall have no fear, i'll take care of it. I have a friend in south africa, he owns me a favor. He works with the State Security Agency in South Africa and he will be very interested to hear about the GRU connections"

And so it came... The evil Croc became a visit at home from the SSA friend and was interrogated and send to prison (of house arrest) and never saw the internet again...

Our LtCdr had back his peaceful live and lives happy ever after...

"you don't even have a prty private friend in the police"

"well, we will see... greeting to mr. kingsbreg when you meet him thursday "

"I think your friend got blown away it's quite a windy day"

"since when was there a kuntsberg in the ssa"

"prick fuck off now"

"well.. ask him thursday. and btw his name is kingsbreg "

"1 they can't arest someone for noting
2 they can't take orders from you
3 they will be prosicuted for acting without orders from a superior oficer & being awal
4 I am not in the G.R.U or working 4 them i just like them
5 how do you know what my father does you live in sa don't you

so bye bye to you and your friend enjoy detention baracks

"we will talk Thursday... or not ^^ bye "

"This is all because prototype thaught that I was a racist
I am actualy so open minded I don't hate for race religoen or natonality.

so fucking idiots just go to hell mother fuckers

"oh imagenery friends is a form of madness"

What will happen on Thursday? Will Croc have a visitor? Will the sun still explode?

Come back tomorrow to the next episode of Croc vs. Banhammer
Posted by Manus on Friday 03 April 2015 - 17:49:01 | Read/Post Comment: 19
Drama - Part 2
After you enjoyed our yesterdays first episode of the drama (No it was no first April joke) here the on going story of

Croc vs. Banhammer

"no my name is Mikhail and my father is an engerneer"

"sure... And because you are ashamed of your name you write mail as Louis XXXXXXXXXX... and registered your first account with the mail address of deon XXXXXXXXXX^^"

who would atend an art class that that isent so stupid they can't develop there own style and art is soo booring you idiotic south african student I have a fake email

"sure its a fake email... lets see who will answer me at
Posted Email or at the telefonnumber 0216XXXXXX which is
connected on the schools page with the email..."

"no messing with GRU afairs 1 warning only"

"i have no idea what GRU afairs is... but threating me makes me laugh ^^"

"oh ile Ile just say one more warning I will destroy your website if you dont FUCK OFF


"oh my god, now i'm totally afraid ^^

Louis... one advice for free... never threaten someone who :

a. is much older than you
b. is much more experienced then you on coding and internet tracking
c. has enough money to fly down to cape town and talk to you local police about insultings
d. can simply report you to gmail for insulting other users on the net"

Will the Croc destroy the community? Will the GRU hunt Banhammer down? Will the sun explode?
Come back tomorrow for the next exciting episode of "Croc vs. Banhammer"
Posted by Manus on Thursday 02 April 2015 - 21:39:40 | Read/Post Comment: 27
TaskForce51 Pack Release
So I'm finally getting around to release my packs. I tried to release them yesterday but it didn't workout. In These packs I've finally made working rotors for most of the helicopters all of you to enjoy. There's so many aircraft to play with between these packs.

The US Air Force Modern War Pack
Posted Link
The US Air Force Cold War Pack
Posted Link
The US Navy Modern Pack
Posted Link
The US Marine Corp Modern War Pack
Posted Link
The US Armed Forces Vietnam War Pack
Posted Link
The Russian Armed Force Pack
Posted Link
The Japan Air Self-Defense Force Pack
Posted Link
The TF51 (Helicopter Pack)
Posted Link
The TF52 (Aircraft Pack)
Posted Link
The TF51 Pilot Pack (Other Things)
Posted Link

[Submitted by TaskForce51]

Posted by TaskForce51 on Thursday 02 April 2015 - 01:28:23 | Read/Post Comment: 13
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