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02 Mar : 00:14
I got to go inside a B-24 and a B-17 once.

Red Avenger
02 Mar : 00:02
I got to walk inside an AC-130 before, i think it was an AC-130, it had big guns.

02 Mar : 00:02
I once saw Marine One fly over my town with two MV-22s and a SH-2. Then there was another time when my father saw air force one in 1994 being escorted by apaches over a golf course.

01 Mar : 23:45
There was a day, when a whole convoi, mixed of apaches, atleast 2 chinooks and a couple of hueys flew by my town. And live in a place you wouldnt really expext such things happening

01 Mar : 23:30
Sounds cool, I just heard a heavy-ass helicopter fly by my house, but I couldn't see what it was. It sounded like a chinook though.

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Greylight Content Pack Update 1.1
New update to the Greylight content pack.
Includes a new Military consisting of 11 more weapons, 4 types of armor vests, special explosive equipment, and even some
Couple of attachments have also been added to Ambircon Tech, plus a new weapon for each previous PMC.

As usual, notify me of any bugs and issues as soon as possible.

DL: Posted Link

[Submitted by DerpiWolf]
Posted by Manus on Thursday 26 February 2015 - 21:33:48 | Read/Post Comment: 2
F-102A Model Wins Honorable Mention From The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
A couple of month's ago I decided to enter one of my models in an art competition. That competition was the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. This competition has been around since 1923 and has recognize talented art students and their work. Since my family had connections with the former 43rd US President George W. Bush I decided it would be fitting to model the very Convair F-102A Delta Dart that he flew when he was in the Texas Air National Guard. I made the model over Christmas and submitted it. At the time it was more of a joke, I didn't think that it would go anywhere. But out of all the artwork submitted it won honorable mention to my surprise. Yesterday was the award ceremony and I've only given all of you very faint glimpse's that the model even existed. Well without further ado here is my completely redone Convair F-102A Delta Dart. In addition with help of Prototype the model also is able to fire the Hughes AIM-4 Falcon, the air to air missile that was actually used on the real F-102A. I want thank a few of my fellow modelers and developers. First of all I want thank Jamio Flan who created the mod and even made it possible for any of this. Secondly I want thank Manus, due to his hard work and dedication to the mod he made it possible to for any of us to easily make such detailed models. The third person I want thank is Prototype for helping me out when I needed help on making my models. Then I want thank my other fellow modelers such as ExtraZero8, Stan, Berggeit, and Joco who have been kind enough to share their work with me which I've learned little modeling tricks that I've implemented in my models. This is a very exciting time for all users of the Flan's mod and it's only going to get better. I can't wait to share some of the models that I'm secretly making right now. Lastly I want say to all of you don't ever be afraid show off your work, you might never know where it can take you, like it did for me.

Sincerely, TaskForce51

[Submitted by TaskForce51]
Posted by TaskForce51 on Monday 23 February 2015 - 16:40:57 | Read/Post Comment: 7
The weekly service update. This time some fixes and some additions.

- Added Techne style floor grid for the purists.

- Added Option to prevent load of settings from a model file
- Added Option to Auto texture to set only parts which are located at 0/0
- Moved all Config Data (e.g. Show Floor, Steve, Colors etc) to a separate config file, stored in the toolbox folder in the doc folder. All Settings will restored when you open the TB again.
- Moved License Data to a separate license file, stored in the toolbox folder in the doc folder
- Fixed missing export for Mecha Barrels
- Redone some icons
- Fixed a bug where the TB closes when cloning a part while the part editor is open
- Add Side indicator to the direction arrow

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all. Keep in mind, the Toolbox has now around 80.000 line of code...


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Sunday 22 February 2015 - 16:53:16 | Read/Post Comment: 9
Small service release to add one feature.

- Added Feature to Export very large Models as Flans Model. All parts will included in own functions.

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all.


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Sunday 15 February 2015 - 18:01:12 | Read/Post Comment: 1
Small service release to fix some bugs.

- Fixed issue where parts could have negative dimensions. This causes problems on the texture system.
- Fixed issue where a box sometime got shapebox modifiers.

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all.


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Sunday 15 February 2015 - 17:13:49 | Read/Post Comment: 0
The weekly update is here, and this time i worked on the handling and the GUI. Therefore i move on, away from the Techne style to a more practical style. I left few buttons on their positions and i'm not sure about removing them completely (the row with add/edit/delete... under the vales) What do you think? Should it be removed?

- Added a Toolstrip to the Builder Interface. This Toolstrip contains buttons to modify the selected parts

- Added function to mirror selected parts left/right, front/back and up/down
- Added function to rotate selected parts left/right on the spot
- Added function to reset the changes on selected parts
- Added function to move selecetd parts
- Added function to delete offsets and add them to the positions (for offsets set my mistake)
- Added missing Mirror functions to shapebox editor
- Fixed a smaller bug which overwrote the helpframe with a model

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all.


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Saturday 14 February 2015 - 00:28:40 | Read/Post Comment: 9
Weekly Challenge 3
Well Task Force 51's campaign in Europe turned out to be a very successful one. But like we say the Big 51 has no time to rest. We have already started to do constant airstrikes on ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, better known as ISIS). This force as of right know has the US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, British Royal Navy, British Royal Air Force, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Royal Jordanian Air Force, and the French Navy. It's a pretty big force but we hope it well grow to take out these international monsters! Anyway since we have planes taking off constantly on US Navy carriers things can get a bit messy. And things just got real messy on the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74). It's night time and the air officer (air boss) is about to have a complete melt down if you can't help him short out what's all on the deck tonight! This weeks challenge tell us how many plus how many of each aircraft there are on the deck currently in the picture. As always winner gets to choose the plane of their desire to be made sometime this week.

I highly suggest saving and zooming in on the picture to catch everything.
As always here's a link to the rules: Posted Link
And Good Luck!
[Submitted by TaskForce51]
Posted by TaskForce51 on Monday 09 February 2015 - 05:52:50 | Read/Post Comment: 20
Yesterdays update had a small bug inside which deleted the part types in the selection menu, so here the fix for this.

- Fixed the missing parts in the selection menu
- Same smaller fixes

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all.


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Saturday 07 February 2015 - 17:29:15 | Read/Post Comment: 3
The weekly update is here. Again with lots of fixes and some smaller additions.

- Fixed the Access denied bug which some of you had with backups and database files. Reason for this problem is no bug, it's Windows itself. Windows does not allow programs to save files in the program folder. So, i moved the backups and DB files to a new folder which is located in your documents folder.
- Change the render code a bit so it is much faster now when selecting much parts. For this i had to change many functions. If you notice that somewhere a part is not selected after clicked, added or else send me a pm.
- Added a Select All Parts Option
- Change the top menu a bit to make it cleaner
- Added Rotate Left/Right. This 2 functions will rotate the selected parts clockwise/counter clock wise in 90° steps. All positions/dimensions/offsets will be recalculated, also shapebox settings. Due to the structure of the java models rotation angles will not be rotated and must adjusted manually.

- Many smaller fixes

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all.


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Saturday 07 February 2015 - 02:43:44 | Read/Post Comment: 15
Weekly Challenge 2
The Big 51 is now hot on the trail of these miss behaved Minecrafters! After a long standoff at a oil refinery the call has been made, CHARGE! With the help of A-6's, AV-8B's (Thanks to Cloneguy), F-35B/X's, and other short of aircraft we have made huge progress in taking down these players. We soon think that our campaign in Europe well soon be over. But there's never any rest time for the Big 51 because it's back to Vietnam and the Middle East after Europe is secured. Anyway in the rush it seems that we have miss counted the tanks, can you help us by telling how many of each, plus their names, in the picture there are.

As always winner get's to name the plane they want see in Minecraft (as long as it's fallows the rules) and......
Good Luck!
Link to the rules, Posted Link
Posted by TaskForce51 on Monday 02 February 2015 - 06:36:06 | Read/Post Comment: 32
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