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18 Apr : 10:09
Gran Turismo 4 is much better, remember the times i have with Sauber C9 Mercedes. 5 MINUTES ON NORDSCHLEIFE YOLO!

18 Apr : 06:56

18 Apr : 06:33
damn, i want to play gran turismo 3 >.<

18 Apr : 06:06

18 Apr : 03:42
Like mowing lawns?

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Friday 18 April 2014 - 10:12:24 
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Package Updates
UPDATE: Due to a failure on my side, the wrong files where uploaded and are not working on some computers. This is now fixed. Please redownload the files.

Here we go again, the next bunch of updates for my packages are incoming. All packages are available for 1.6.4 and 1.7.2.

WW2 Package
- Changed Flying Model to a height keeping one
- Added German Language File (1.7.2 only)

Download for 1.6.4

Download for 1.7.2

Modern Warfare Package
- Changed Flying Model to a height keeping one
- Added German Language File (1.7.2 only)

Download for 1.6.4

Download for 1.7.2

Civil Package
- Changed Flying Model to a height keeping one
- Added German Language File (1.7.2 only)

Download for 1.6.4

Download for 1.7.2

DayZ Package
- Minor changes
- Added German Language File (1.7.2 only)

Download for 1.6.4

Download for 1.7.2

SiFi Package
- Redone TIE-Fighter TIE-Interceptor
- Added Light Swords (Red/Green/Blue)
- Added WH40k Imperial Guard Lasgun and Laspistol with attachments
- Added WH40k Space marine Boltgun and Boltpistol with attachments
- Added WH40k Chainsword
- Added Mechwarrior Madcat Omni Mech
- Added Model for Imperial Laser Cannon, Rebel Laser Cannon, Colonial Blaster Cannon and Cylon Blaster Cannon
- Added XX-9 Turbo Laser Turret
- Added Imperial Throne
- Added German Language File (1.7.2 only)

Download for 1.6.4

Download for 1.7.2

Minecraft-SMP Parts Package
- Added Mecha Parts
- Added German Language File (1.7.2 only)

Download for 1.6.4

Download for 1.7.2

Please use the links to download to keep this site running or use Paypal to donate if you want. The Button is on the right side below the banner (There are still guys who are not able to see this kind of stuff )
Posted by Manus on Wednesday 16 April 2014 - 23:37:25 | Read/Post Comment: 17
Flan Shapeway News:
Flan posted today:
There's been a new addition to my Shapeways store! Similar to the old gun items, you can now get a set of Flan's Mod planes and vehicles to turn into badges, magnets or whatever else you can think of! What I want to know is what you want to see in the store next. Comment below to share your ideas!

Posted by Manus on Wednesday 26 March 2014 - 14:01:03 | Read/Post Comment: 6
Toolbox Update
Flans mod for 1.7.2 is out and here is the next update to match the new requirements.

- Added a model converter 1.6 to 1.7
- Added Version selector to Java File Builders
- Added a language File Builder
- Added a Json Sound File Builder
- Added -/+ change to RotationY in the Java File Builders

Posted by Manus on Friday 21 March 2014 - 14:38:01 | Read/Post Comment: 6
GTA 5 Pack (The Takeoff update!)
GTA 5 Pack V4 Released!!!
The planes will firstly take off in this pack, because we have added:
Mammatus Civil-Plane
Buzzard Fighting Chopper (MH-6)
BF Injection


(if you find any bugs please report them or there is no fix!!!)

DL: Posted Link


[Submitted by yunuscracke12]

Posted by Manus on Thursday 20 March 2014 - 16:15:16 | Read/Post Comment: 19
Flan 1.7.2
Flan wrote today:

"The 1.7.2 update is pretty much done and needs some testing before it can go fully live on the website and MCF page. So if you fancy helping out, grab the mod and content packs and get playing.

The files are all available here :"

Posted by Manus on Tuesday 18 March 2014 - 10:32:30 | Read/Post Comment: 11
Orions Gunpack V 1.0 Release!
So, here we are, im finally releasing an Official variant of my Gunpack! Including the L96, an better USP, the P99, and the Half Life 2 Crossbow.

New Weapons:

-Half Live 2 Crossbow
-USP .45 v2


-Increased duration between shots with L96

!Needs Ye Olde Pack from Flans!

Have fun, People!


Download: Posted Link

[Submitted by TheOrion]

Posted by Manus on Saturday 15 March 2014 - 19:40:34 | Read/Post Comment: 13
GTA 5 Pack v3.5 RELEASED!!!
Hey guys! We're back at WORK (OMG!!!!!)
And after weeks of coding texturing and modelling;
We have done GTA 5 Pack v3.5!!!

It Adds:

- Micro-SMG
- Gussenburg Sweeper (gun)
- M4A1
- AU-Pistol (fullauto)
- Revolver
- Sniper
- Grenade Launcher


- Bravado Banshee Cabrio
- Bravado Banshee hitboxes fixed!
- Karin Rebel seat crash fixed!!!
- Benefactor Dubsta
- Benefactor Felzer

Download: Posted Link

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy!!

[Submitted by yunuscracke12]

Posted by Manus on Saturday 15 March 2014 - 10:34:46 | Read/Post Comment: 3
Toolbox and Template Updates
Finally i found time to have a look at the Gun File Creator error and the Gun Template

- Fixed Rotation Error in all File Creators when using Techne Import, this should now work without errors.
- Fixed several smaller errors
- Added Save/load/Clear/Create options to the top menu


Template Package 4.2
- Fixed the position of Steve in the Gun Template


Currently i'm trying to fix the plane /helicopter flying issue, so stay tuned.
Posted by Manus on Friday 14 March 2014 - 21:30:08 | Read/Post Comment: 9
Weapon in close up
Here a small vid about the upcoming weapons for the Sifi Package

Posted by Manus on Sunday 09 March 2014 - 20:30:50 | Read/Post Comment: 25
Sifi package Updates
I'm currently rebuilding the Sifi Package (finally) and here we have some details about what is done so far...

Dropship Mk.3 now with Turret and Door guns (Still 3 versions with 5 color schemes each)

TIE-Interceptor - The rebuild model

TIE-Fighter - The rebuild model

XX-9 Turbo Laser Turret - Every Death Star should have some...

Imperial Throne - Because every evil leader should have at least one...

Madcat Omnimech - We are the Clans...

M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasgun - For the Emperor

MK Vb Godwyn pattern Boltgun - If a Lasgun is simply not enough

Posted by Manus on Sunday 09 March 2014 - 10:34:27 | Read/Post Comment: 20
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