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02 Feb : 02:28
Hah, too bad your badger wasn't loaded.

I thought it was a CoD gun due to the name being unrealistic, no abbreviation just "Honey Badger".

But yours inst loaded haha.

02 Feb : 02:16
just because it's in Children's Online Daycare doesn't mean it sucks irl.

02 Feb : 02:08
*Implying that CoD ghost six ass*

02 Feb : 01:59
Posted Link

yw penguin

02 Feb : 01:40
If it's anything like a real honey badger, it'll remove your scrotum before you can do that.

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British Military Pack official release
The pack is now at a point where I'm happy to call it a full release, so, here it is.



-L98A2 (training rifle)
-L86 LSW


Royal Army:

-FV4034 Challenger II MBT w/ HESH rounds (tan, green)
-FV510 Warrior w/ 30mm RARDEN (tan, green)
-L131 AS-90 SPG w/ L15 HE 155mm rounds(tan, green)
-Mini Moke (no, really) (British racing green)

Royal Air Force:

-SEPECAT Jaguar w/ AIM-9 (grey, tan)
-BAE Harrier GR.9 w/ AGM-65 and AIM-9
-TSR-2 w/ AS-30 (Massive thanks to TaskForce51)
-Apache AH-1 w/ CRV7 and AGM-114 (tan, green, black)

Royal Navy:

-HMS Daring Type 45 missile destroyer


Posted Link

Thanks to TaskForce51 for providing the model for TSR-2
[Submitted by Prototype]
Posted by Prototype on Sunday 01 February 2015 - 23:48:04 | Read/Post Comment: 2
Due to the number of useless Error reports like "The toolbox crashes with the error XX, please help" i build a error log system. So, if your face an error, the TB should now create a log file in the install directory.

Please include this txt file in the error when you report one. There are still several bugs in the TB i haven't found yet, simply because of the size of the TB's source code which has currently about 90.000 lines of code.

- Added Error Log System. All Errors should now create an entry in the ErrorLog.txt which is created on the first error in the TB install folder.
- Added Option to create am animated gif file. Warning: The file captures the current 3D windows size and uses this as gif size. So, if you use a Full HD display the generation could be take some time and the file will be big ^^

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all.


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Posted by Manus on Sunday 01 February 2015 - 16:45:17 | Read/Post Comment: 0
[1.7.10] DerpiWolf's Greylight Content Pack

This here is the first release of my pack, containing over 20 weapons, a number of attachments, an armour uniform, and some grenades.
More weapons, and extra stuff to come. But if you do find any bugs, let me know asap.

Thanks to all those who helped and supported me for the making of this! And flan for his mod, too!

(Is there a background behind all these weapons? Kind of, see my main thread for more details.)
Word of warning. Furry/pony references included.

Direct link: Posted Link
Flansmod link: just head to Was pending verification when I posted this.

[Submitted by DerpiWolf]
Posted by Manus on Sunday 01 February 2015 - 08:40:52 | Read/Post Comment: 5
Smaller Service release to fix some errors and add some stuff. The TB is growing and currently i have some unwanted interactions in the code (i fix something here, it creates a error there)

- Added Back for Painting You now can go back 10 steps if you painted something wrong
- Fixed Creation of sound.json and language files
- Fixed Export of Gun models
- Fixed the export of attachment parts from the gun export
- Fixed some wrong labels

There is still a bug with where tank turrets and barrels are jumping when center on part is active. I work on this.

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all.


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Posted by Manus on Saturday 31 January 2015 - 23:51:27 | Read/Post Comment: 0
titascorpack v1.0
our first package
all my models are converted in .class by oskiinus
because my gradle don't works so thx to him
all models are created by titano and scorpio and
uploaded by the titascorprod.

download here:
Posted Link

[Submitted by titascorprod]

Posted by Manus on Saturday 31 January 2015 - 23:45:16 | Read/Post Comment: 1
So, the next smaller release of the TB 2.0

- Added function to directly create and import a bitmap out of the model data.
- Changed Copy/Paste shortcuts to CRTL+ALT+C/V
- Fixed bug in export as Flan Model where the attachment was exported as part of the model.
- Added option to hide the Propeller
- Added Option to pick the paint color from a prior loaded Bitmap
- Added option to make parts invisible except the borders. These option allows to hide a single part, all selected parts, selected group, selected model part or all part of the model. Hidden parts are not paintable or clickable so you can work/paint trough them

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. Its possible i didn't found all.


Shop Page
Posted by Manus on Tuesday 27 January 2015 - 17:38:29 | Read/Post Comment: 29
Weekly Challenge 1
War is crazy, last week we did a massive invasion in Ukraine (map wise). Our mission is to push a couple of misbehaved players out of that region. As easy as it sounds it isn't. Since last we landed we settled in New Port Air Base, that's were all of our European operations are lunched from. We also started to move out into the land with the aid of the British and push back the enemy. Lastly this morning we were joined by Japan (just go with it). With all that said our control tower is pushed to it's limits! Help our controllers out by telling what aircraft our on the ground and how many there are.

Good Luck
Here's a link to the rules Posted Link
[Submitted by TaskForce51]
Posted by TaskForce51 on Monday 26 January 2015 - 03:57:56 | Read/Post Comment: 17
So, we have the next Version of Toolbox 2.0. And again, lot of stuff was fixed, added and changed.

- Added Paint Tool. You can now paint directly on the model if the model has a loaded texture file. This includes a color picker, brush sizes (1-10 pixels) and transparency
Not so good for fine details, but really good for basic painting texturing and camouflage

- Added support for "HD" textures. If you want to use this kind of larger texture, enable this feature in the model settings
- Added rotating camera for model review
- Added rotating camera with picture maker, this will make screenshot of your model while rotating. Warning: This will create a screenshot for every degree (360 in total) e.g. for gif animations
- Changed Obj Export. Now 2 options are available, Complete Model as one mesh, or model exported as 1 mesh per model part (turret, tracks etc)
- Fixed Export as Flan Java
- Fixed Export as Java
- Added Export as Texture Overlay into the model (On the Export as texture template form)
- Added option to select all group parts/ model parts to the tree view menu
- Added options to customize the color used to display the blocks, shapes, borders etc.
- Lots of smaller changes and fixes

If you notice a bug, please report it to me. I have redone much stuff so its possible i didn't found all.


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Posted by Manus on Saturday 24 January 2015 - 17:48:27 | Read/Post Comment: 13
New features for next TB Rrelease
Some of you still say "Why should i use the Toolbox 2.1? I see no need to change..."

Well, maybe they will change their mind with the next feature i currently build...

I t still needs some improvements but the basic concept is working...
Posted by Manus on Tuesday 20 January 2015 - 20:33:02 | Read/Post Comment: 23
Oskar's Pack with no bugs
Hey guys, sorry for incovenience with Mercedes' and Lancia's bugs. I fixed the package. Here's the corrected version.

If you downloaded bugged package, please re-download it and put this one into your Flan folder.

Posted Link

Sorry for this incovenience again
[Submitted by Oskiinus]
Posted by Manus on Saturday 17 January 2015 - 21:47:49 | Read/Post Comment: 4
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