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19 Dec : 03:07
Posted Link


19 Dec : 03:04
anyone wanna help modelling some cars for TheGamer17 and my
Burnout paradise pack?

19 Dec : 02:58
then buy a cheap mouse

19 Dec : 02:57
@toastgineer what if you have laptop and dont have middle click lol

19 Dec : 02:56
im finishing a model of a car with interior . started
about 5 hours ago finishing 2marrow morning

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Survival-Z Gun Packs Update!
Hey guys Kevin here, me and Vini have been working a lot to bring up a new update, here's the new stuff added to the packs

DayZ Gun Pack
Replaced the Mk 11 Mod 0 with the Mk 12 Mod 0;
Guns Models Remade:
-Mk 11

Modern Weapons Gun Pack
Guns Added:
-Fn Fal
-Mk 12

Guns Models Remade:
-Mk 11

Old Guard Gun Pack
Gun Added:

Survival-Z Gun Required Pack
Added the new bullets and sounds for the new guns;

I hope you guys like the new guns and models, more information and pictures are on the Gun Pack Thread HERE!
[Submitted by Kevin]

Posted by Manus on Tuesday 16 December 2014 - 17:23:02 | Read/Post Comment: 10
Adrian's Supercar pack 1.7.10
After 4 months of nonstop work it's finally here Adisupercars 1.7.10! I hope you enjoy my new package!

Posted Link

[Submitted by Adrian29509]

Posted by Manus on Sunday 14 December 2014 - 20:33:16 | Read/Post Comment: 12
Project Mustang released

Project Mustang is finaly ready for release (again...).

Please note that the models are old and might not look that good. I hope you'll have a lot of fun with it though. Other Mustangs will be made in the future, including convertible versions. But for now the pack includes:

- 2013 Mustang GT
- 1993 Mustang Cobra
- 1970 Mustang Boss 302

All models come in different colors.

DOWNLOAD: Posted Link

Posted by MegaStannyBoy on Thursday 11 December 2014 - 21:23:43 | Read/Post Comment: 3
Jamal's Pack (Cars and 1 Gun) BETA release
Well hey guys its been a longggg time since I did a updated release and I decided since a lot of "things" are happening in my life, this release is most likely my last one. Do expect bugs. But never the less enjoy the content I have put together. And yes I know the shotgun doesn't shotgun the way it's supposed to. Im deeply sorry with all these faults

Posted Link

[Submitted by Jamal]

Posted by Manus on Monday 01 December 2014 - 09:57:55 | Read/Post Comment: 13
1.7.10 Package Update for Flan 4.8.1
Here a small service release to cover Flan 4.8.1 and to fix small bugs. Also the Civil package return to 1.7.10 today.

Minecraft-SMP Parts Package
- Fixed several minor bugs


Civil Package
- Converted to 1.7.10, not compatible with earlier Versions
- New Item Names, no longer uses ItemIDs
- Fixes many bug with destroyable parts (e.g. Wings, Wheels)


WW2 Package
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed the missing gun positions


DayZ Package
- Fixed some minor bugs

Posted by Manus on Saturday 29 November 2014 - 02:27:13 | Read/Post Comment: 12
Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte
Because I finally bothered to polish it off:


Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte - Landship concept drawn up by WW2 Germany.

Technical data:

Weight 1,000 tonnes (1,100 short tons; 980 long tons) (IDK what weight translates to in MC)

Length: 35 m (115 ft) (42 blocks) hull
39 m (128 ft) (48.75 blocks) guns forwards

Width 14 m (46 ft) (17.5 blocks)

Height 11 m (36 ft) (13.75 blocks)

Armor 150–360 mm (5.9–14.2 in) (11000 HP)

armament 2x 280 mm 54.5 SK C/34

armament 1x 128 mm KwK 44 L/55 (mantle mounted)
2x 128 mm KwK 44 L/55 (deck mounted)
2x 20 mm Flak38

A special gunbox for crafting all the weapons and ammunition.

Warning: Driving on anything rougher than a gentle grasslands biome will likely ruin your day. This feature is added for realism and not because I can't be bothered to set it up better

Download link:
Posted Link
[Submitted by Prototype]
Posted by Prototype on Saturday 29 November 2014 - 02:23:12 | Read/Post Comment: 14
1.7.10 Package Update for Flan 4.8
I'll leave tomorrow for 1 week off to Egypt. But before leaving i decided to release my first 1.7.10 Package Updates. The rest will follow when back from the sun Then i'll have a week at home to finish the rest of the packages.

All Package are converted to 1.7.10 in every way. So, don't expect that models from old packages will show up when using the new packages. You will have to place them again.

Minecraft-SMP Parts Package
- Converted to 1.7.10, not compatible with earlier Versions
- New Item Names, no longer uses ItemIDs


WW2 Package
- Converted to 1.7.10, not compatible with earlier Versions
- New Item Names, no longer uses ItemIDs
- Fixes many bug with destroyable parts (e.g. Wings, Wheels)
- Added A6M zero in 4 Versions

- Added Higgins Boat

- Added Arado 196A3 (Still a bit jumpy)


DayZ Package
- Converted to 1.7.10, not compatible with earlier Versions
- New Item Names, no longer uses ItemIDs
- Fixes many bug with destroyable parts (e.g. Wings, Wheels)

Posted by Manus on Sunday 16 November 2014 - 14:04:03 | Read/Post Comment: 26
Get your bugs in now!
Flan posted today:

"Get your bugs in now!
I'm want to hear what bugs you guys have encountered, I just have a couple of rules so that I don't get overloaded with identical messages:
If somebody else has already posted your bug, please like their post and don't post your own. If you have somethign to add, please reply to their post.
If the bug crashed the game, please provide a pastebin link to the crash report.
I'm only interested in bugs that involve the official packs (I'll put links to them at the bottom of this post).
Finally, please make sure that you have all dependent packs (so the Mecha Parts Pack for a Titan Pack bug, for example) and that you used a fresh version if Minecraft when you installed them (otherwise you'd have item conflicts between new and old packs).

So, all of you... obby the master and send in your problems and errors
Posted by Manus on Saturday 08 November 2014 - 17:34:41 | Read/Post Comment: 23
Monolith Pack for 4.8.0
Monolith Pack 3 ausf. B has now been unleashed unto the Earth.

It also includes the first fully-operational warship to be released publically that abuses the new 4.8.0 boat code.


Hashidate class gunboat

T-80 and friends: WZ-123, 2S19 Msta, Tos-1a, BMPT-72, and 1K17 Szhatie

Various shells for T-80 friends to share

Crappy shield to go with lance

Various Fixes

Link to more info:
Posted Link
[Submitted by Stalin]
Posted by Prototype on Monday 03 November 2014 - 02:11:18 | Read/Post Comment: 26
FutureCraft for 4.8.0
FutureCraft V7

FutureCraft V7 is out


Type VII Peregrine II:- Hunter class mech (six different paintjobs)

HT-10 Leviathan II :- Tank Destroyer

HB-7 is duel weildable

Fixed bug allowing players to fire Mecha only weapons by hand

Various rebalancing.

Download link:
Posted Link

Prototype's sci-fi V3


Rex isn't broken anymore

Added VF-1 Valkyrie in 3 variants:
VF-1A (unarmed)
VF-1A (armed)

Download link:
Posted Link
[Submitted by Prototype]
Posted by Prototype on Saturday 25 October 2014 - 16:22:20 | Read/Post Comment: 6
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