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Military Surplus thread

4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #78283 by vini_damiani
btw, i have this 100% real and historicaly accurate spitfire mkvc in my garage

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4 years 6 months ago #78285 by Enderman3110
Well, i have a canteen and a field cap, both of which have been given to me by my greatgrandfather.

Some random Austrian Guy
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4 years 6 months ago #78286 by testeroftanks
Austrian stuff?
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4 years 6 months ago #78289 by Enderman3110
Unfortunatly not. Both are part of the equipment he used during World War II.

Some random Austrian Guy
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4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #78298 by Vampyro
Replied by Vampyro on topic Military Surplus thread
I own this Bundesmarine sailor cap and a SSh-60 laying around somewhere. I'll see if I can get a pic of it later.

Also, sorry for the low-quality picture. This was taken on my old phone.
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4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #78333 by Lizardpile
Replied by Lizardpile on topic Military Surplus thread
I'm to lazy to take pictures, but this is (an incomplete list, just the major items) that i have:

*About 5 BDU Uniforms, including one with SOCOM patches obtained at goodwill.
*2 DCU Uniforms
*2 ACU Uniforms
*1 ABU Uniform
*1 Multicam uniform, confirmed use in Afghanistan C.2013 or so. also have the light combat shirt for it.
*2 OG-107 (M1956) 'nam style uniforms, never worn, plus various well-worn OG-107s
*2 WWII Air Corps "Ike" Jackets, with patches
*1 Soviet M1969 uniform, 1970 dated, never worn
*1 Soviet M73 uniform, 1976 dated, never worn, with Moto rifles insignia
*1 Soviet M69 Officer's quality uniform, 1991 dated, never worn.
*1 Soviet KZS Camo oversuit, 1984 dated
*1 Soviet KLMK Camo oversuit, 1985 dated
*1 GDR Grenzertruppen dress uniform, possible early 1990s fake made in original factories
*2 1960s dated M1965 field jackets. One in very good condition, the other USMC marked and well used.
*1 1980s Woodland camo M1965 Field jacket
*1 Iraqi Army Shirt, captured in 2003 and given to me by the Veteran who captured it
*1 ACH Helmet, ACU cover, again confirmed Afghanistan usage, by the same veteran who gave me the Multicam uniform.
*1 PASGT Helmet, with a couple different covers (DBDU, BDU, DCU)
*1 1950s M1 Pot helmet, with BDU cover
*1 SSh-68 Helmet
*1 Vz-52 Helmet
*1 Swiss M18/42 Helmet
*1 1986-dated Ushanka
*1 Soviet Army visor cap. Early '90s Fake, but i got it for free, so...
*1 GDR Air Force visor cap, 1960s-1970s
*2 Pilotkas, early 1980s dates
*1 1980s British tanker helmet
*1 ALICE pack
*Atleast two sets of basic ALICE gear, plus lots of extra bits like belts and Bandages w/pouches
*1 Set of Soviet load bearing gear, AKM era (1960s-70s)
*2 pairs of US black leather boots, 1990s/2000s
*1 Pair of Russian/Soviet kirza boots, 2005 dated
*1 1993 dated Flektarn jacket
*1 Swiss gas mask
*1 GP-5 gas mask
*1 1937-Dated Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifle
*1 1938-Dated Nagant M1895 revolver
*1 F-1 grenade (1950s training grenade, solid metal)
*1 M26 Grenade (1960s training grenade, empty metal shell)
*1 1943-Dated .50 BMG round and .30-06 round (powder removed), 1945 dated .303 casing
*1 Bakelite stechkin APS stock (Still in the mail... mail from russia takes forever)
*1 1953-Dated US ETOOL and cover
*1 Soviet MPL-50 shovel (Again, still in the mail, lol)
*1 WWII-Era Alaska command patch - belonged to my Great Grandfather. i thought it was an old Boy Scout patch from the 1960s or some trash, but i luckily stumbled upon a picture of it one day while looking at WWII Patches for some reason.
*1 Vietnam-used OG-107 shirt that i get Veterans, mostly WWII, to sign.
*Lots of other things like magazine pouches, hats, medals, shell casings, misc uniforms, and other stuff from various eras and militaries that i don't remember/don't feel like typing out. I got most of this for free, with the exception of the Soviet gear, the guns (which were gifts) and some of the stuff like the ALICE gear and 1953 ETOOL. i also donated a good amount of the redundant stuff to a Museum i volunteer, to avoid taking up to much space... even so, my closet is getting close to being full, so i'll have to sell/give away some stuff eventually...

For dank ArmA and Flan's Gameplay:
- www.youtube.com/channel/UCFI1IJHCEGyJdeHu0EfjsvA -
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