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[1.6.2\1.6.4] Neko's Gun Mod (NGM) (Milestone 0160)

7 years 8 months ago #21483 by Vampyro
That KPV is a great gun. I prefer the An-94 though, but the recoil on KPV is very great. It makes it a very balanced weapon.
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7 years 8 months ago #20193 by nekomaster
Damn, been a couple months since I last posted.... yeah I havent forgotten about my content pack I just haven't in the mood for much of anything at all.

I've been thinking of redoing this because theres some inconsistencies with some of the graphics, especially the ammo stuff, plus my item id's are starting to get all over the place. Not only that but I've been using a lot of Flan's Mod Gun sounds and I want to make all the code, graphics, and sound files mine. It'd be so nice if I had the money and my license(s) to get some guns. Sadly living in Canada I wont be able to get sounds for most powerful and automatic weapons. Thankfully I can get a BAR in 30-06 or a PS90, or a M1911

Not only that but I don't like having all the graphics in a cobbled mess, so when I do remake this everything is going to be prefixed with their classes to make things easier for people to find things and make any modifications if they want. Plus it'll keep things tidier for me and less of a headache.

When I do remake the mod there will be a lot of guns that may have similar properties, but I'll try my best to make each and every gun a little unique. I can't help it if due to the limitations there will be some guns that are so similar the only differences will be firing/reloding sounds, sights, and prices. Thankfully though I will keep the idea of certain guns that share the same ammo, like any weapon that uses 30-round stanag magazines, or AK-7.62mm Mag for AK-47 type rifles and AK-5.45mm for AK-74 types, including the AEK 971 and AN-94.

ALSO!! I'm going to try and include some historical weapons, like the Colt Single Action army, maybe some muskets like the Pensylvania Long Rifle, the 45 Colt Henry Rifle, and many more. I may just lump historical weapons together in a class of their own with its own vending machine. This way im not making another 6-7 vending machines for old stuff. Im sure the old guns will make for some fun wild west shoot outs :3

Though if it helps I did make a list of guns/weapons I know of, some I did have to do a bit of refreshing or research to get the name, caliber, and country right. There may be a few mistakes, though some weapons I choose come in different calibers so I choose something I liked, for example, the Beretta cheetah comes in various calibers but I decided on .32 ACP. Also, the Taurus Raging bull comes in an assortment of calibers as well, but I choose the .44 Magnum version, while the S&W 500 will take up the 50 caliber revolver spot for now.

Heres the link to the text file list I made : www.dropbox.com/s/5t13uax0sh6o7oa/Firear...28For%20Games%29.txt
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7 years 8 months ago #22076 by MegaF-16
Thats a looooong post xD
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7 years 8 months ago #22105 by nekomaster
Yeah I know, and that list, its getting longer as I remember more guns, as well as find out about more guns in the world.

I really want to showcase guns from all over the world. Hell in the current list theres two Canadian made weapons. The Colt C7 is a Canadian varient of the M16, while the Ross Rifle was our own design (though I have a feeling it was somewhat based on the Lee-Enfield).

Also, I'll be moving back pack nukes to the special class just for balence, but I'm sure it'll be great for dicking around and messing with your friends.

One of these days though I'd like to have a sort of Counter Strike like set up with a couple of maps. I'd like to make my own Office map, as well as some other maps of my own design. Up for a death match in a large upscale mansion? How about a Demolition map that takes place in a shopping plaza? Im sure people will have fun with the guns I make and the maps I create :)
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