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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

8 years 6 months ago #9526 by Tbone11223
Here's a fun and realistic game that's a cross between FSX and an FPS game, personally I love this game because of the graphics and some of the features it has like CUSTOMIZING THE COLOUR OF YOUR PLANE which is really neat, you can fly a wide range of aircraft, fighters, bombers, attack helis and even the AC-130.
just want to point this game out, its really cool, enjoy!

P.S most of these screenshots are mine
<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=640]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-02-17_00003.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=576]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-13_00011.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=768]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-14_00033.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=768]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-14_00036.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=576]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-14_00006.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=768]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-14_00005.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=768]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-14_00087.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=768]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-14_00093.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=768]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-14_00060.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=500&height=281]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_ace-combat-assault-horizon_customize2_1large.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1024&height=768]{e_FILE}public/1366437454_42_FT0_228400_screenshots_2013-04-14_00089.jpg[/img]</div>
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8 years 6 months ago #9527 by Joco6571
I have this game it's good
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8 years 6 months ago #9530 by MegaStannyBoy
That looks amazing o.0
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8 years 6 months ago #9645 by StealthX117
Looks very cool.
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8 years 6 months ago #9647 by Bandit
Replied by Bandit on topic Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Personally I think ACAH is a total shit. Completely ruined the ace combat franchise... I have been playing ace combat since electrosphere, including both psp games and AH is the worst of them all. The story is just bullshit. And the rail-shooter style dogfights are a stupid addition and ruin the multiplayer.
If you want a good ace combat game with multiplayer, get ace combat 6 or ace combat joint assault for the psp.
If you just want an awesome game get either AC5 os ACZero
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8 years 6 months ago #9649 by Tbone11223
I have X and X2 for psp, but there are just no other ace combats for the PC, I would definitely get 6 if it was for PC.
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