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Gun Model Tutorial using Techne and the Toolbox

6 years 5 months ago #50021 by BlackPegasis
make a tutorial for toolbox 2.0
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6 years 5 months ago #50033 by aleksimizaro
Hey I'm having real trouble with this - I've spent hours looking up tutorials and messing with eclipse, tooolbox and the file paths. This is kind of the last thing before I give up D;

I have my model I made in techne:

I have converted it to a .java file using toolbox, but all the other model files I've seen are .class

All I'm trying to do is have an animation like that of the baseball bat from the zombie pack here:

(basically replace the model of the baseball bat)

How would I go about converting my .java to a .class? Really sorry for being such a noob but any help is appreciated :(
The topic has been locked.
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